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The girl to the left has been missing for a week now. She’s from my area.

Her name is Lilly Schmidt and she’s 15 years old from LaPorte, Indiana. She was last seen May 8th at 7:30am. She is believed to be with the man on the right, Matt Hynek, 23, from Rolling Prairie, Indiana.

I personally know Matt. And he’s a definite creep. When we were 17, he would be hanging out with 13 year old girls.

It’s been revealed that Matt has been in trouble for doing something with minors before. I’m not sure on all of the details of that, but a lot of people are coming forward talking about his liking of minors.

They are believed to be headed to Kentucky or Tennessee. As far as I know, they are hitch-hiking.

I don’t know what the hell he is doing with a 15 year old girl, but she belongs at home with her family and he needs to be locked up for taking a little girl from their home.

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Get this little girl away from this creep!

If you by chance see them, contact the police immediately.

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